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Acupuncture has been recommended by Nice guidelines and WHO for pain relief. Barbara practices in Brighton and Hove and have done extensive post grad training in treating muscular skeletal conditions, post operative and chronic pain.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!! Australian acupuncture review finds evidence of effect in 117 out of 122 conditions report link 


For a light hearted explanation of treatable conditions

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The World Health Organisation has listed forty medical conditions that are suitable for acupuncture.

The NICE guidelines specify acupuncture as the treatment of choice for non-specific lower back pain.




Acupuncture can help hot flushes during menopause and also those caused by cancer hormone therapy for both men and women.


• Digestive: IBS; constipation; nausea; diarrhoea; bloating; heartburn.  • Respiratory: sinusitis; asthma; colds; coughs; hayfever, allergic rhinitis. • Neurological: headaches; migraines; stroke rehabilitation; neuralgia; bells palsy. • Urinary: cystitis; urinary tract infections; bedwetting. • Musculo-skeletal: backache; frozen shoulder; tendonitis; shin splints; carpal tunnel; tennis/golf elbow; RSI; sciatica; injury rehabilitation; arthritis; sports injuries.• Reproductive & Fertility: male & female subfertility; IVF support; pregnancy related conditions; breech presentation; induction.• Cardiovascular: hypertension; palpitations; angina.• Skin: acne; eczema; scarring, facial revitalisation.• Menstrual & Menopausal: cysts; painful periods; PMT; mood swings; hot flushes.• Psychological & Emotional: panic attacks; depression; OCD; stress; anxiety.• Other: smoking cessation; addictions; sleep disorders; weight loss; post operative care; MS; Ménière’s; tinnitus; Cancer support – support for chemotherapy, xerostomia, post operative pain