Facial Revitalisation

Facial treatment to look your best – a 2 in 1 treatment with specialist facial massage

Facial revitalisation is a natural technique which uses Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture techniques to promote & maintain a reductions of signs of ageing by increasing the blood and energy flow to specific facial areas. In addition to targeting specific areas of the face an body treatment is included to ensure a fully holistic approach which aims to realist in improvements to general health and well-being, and can specifically result in:

  • increased collagen production which reduces wrinkles and lines and more vitality to the skin;
  • improved elasticity of facial muscles;
  • fresher complexion and improved facial colour;
  • reduction of oversized pores;
  • diminished wrinkles and lines;
  • reduction of scar tissue, age spots and damaged capillaries;
  • alleviation of facial neuralgia, bells palsy, facial tics and facial paralysis;
  • reduction of puffiness/dark circles

What the treatment involves:

  • Full body treatment with full medical history, pulse and tongue diagnosis.
  • Targeting of specific facial areas using intradermal needles
  • 20 minute relaxation while needles are in situ – then needle removal
  • facial massage using organic facial cream followed by jade roller massage


Initial consultations are 90 mins and will involve detailed discussion of the medical history. Follow-up consultations are 60 mins

Initial consultation £75                           Follow-up £65           Course of 6  £350