Pregnancy, Pre birth and Post Natal care

Barbara has extensive experience with treating all aspects of pregnancy. She has undergone post graduate training in this area, and is a member of the Brighton Acupuncture Childbirth Team (ACT) who work closely with, and give talks to local midwives about acupressure during childbirth. 

Pregnancy related conditions – Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for many symptoms that can occur during pregnancy such as: nausea & sickness (hyperemesis); heartburn; anxiety; pelvic and ligament pain (PGP).   Factsheet

Pre-birth treatments are recommended as a preparation for birth from 35 weeks onwards and can target breech or mal positioning. It can also assist as a natural inducement prior to medical induction if the baby is overdue.   Factsheet

Moxa (moxibustion) treatments are recommended for correction of mal presentation babies (e.g. breech). This should be performed  and demonstrated by a trained acupuncturist or midwife, and should only be performed with the approval of your medical support team. Moxa for breech should not be used if there is: twin pregnancy, placenta previa, high blood pressure, any uterine bleeding.  video for how to use moxa   factsheet



  • ‘thanks so much for your pre-birth acupuncture, I really feel that our sessions made a big difference!’ Janni  
  • ‘I need to cancel my appointment as the acupuncture helped, and I went onto labour on Friday and my daughter was born early Saturday morning! Thank you’ Andrea

Childbirth support is available, and pre-birth acupressure DVD can be obtained with a discount if you email Barbara.

Post natal acupuncture can assist with breast feeding (lactation) difficulties, post-natal anxiety, fatigue, and mastitis. Or a ‘mother roast’ is a lovely way of supporting the mother after the pregnancy and childbirth.

British Acupuncture Factsheet link

Debra Betts Acupressure PDF Buy the DVD from the JCM website